Manufactures a suite of messaging and traffic safety equipment, including ...

  • Variable Message Signs
  • Arrows Boards
  • Portable Traffic Lights
  • Speed Awareness Trailers

With our vast industry experience, we are always incorporating the latest technological advancements to improve the quality of our product.

Our Variable Message Signs can be used for:

  • Roadwork Advice
  • Traffic Diversion
  • Accident Management
  • Directional Information
  • Safety Messages
  • Speeding Messages (with our radar detection option) and
  • Advertising

Approaching vehicles travelling at 70kph can easily read the signs for 12 seconds

Features include:

  • Solar Power (environmentally friendly & maintenance free!)
  • Solid State Efficient Lamps
  • Remote Message Changing Facility
  • GPS Security
  • Radar Option for speed detection / traffic management
  • Graphics such as Giant Arrows / Company Logo
  • Trailer or Vehicle Mounted
  • Easy to manoeuvre & programme


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Variable Message Signs International Pty Ltd - Victoria, Australia     ABN: 17 054 661 013

Variable Message Signs International Pty Ltd

VMSI commenced operation in 1993 trading as the distributor of Precision Solar message boards and quickly became recognised as the best in the world and leaders in this field. VMSI is constantly striving for new and innovative ways to further develop the traffic management industry offering our equipment to countries world wide.

All equipment is manufactured in-house in Victoria, Australia which enables us to have full control over quality development.

Prior to 1993 the technology of Flip Dot changeable message signs was a mechanical device that required a lot of maintenance and service. VMSI developed 400 mm high character variable message boards and became the first in the world to develop this sort of technology for use in inner city areas. This type of board has now become a standard specification in many countries and is used in locations where speeds of up to 100 kph are driven.

VMSI products include: Variable message boards and Portable Traffic Lights

Variable Message Signs International - Ahead of the Rest!

Variable Message Signs manufactured by VMSI can be used for Roadwork Advice, Traffic Diversion, Accident Management, Directional Information, Safety Messages, Radar detection Speed Warning Messages and Advertising.


The main reason for the design of the 400 mm character boards for variable message board was to enable the signs to be placed in areas of close proximity to tracks which the larger type boards were not capable of doing. Variable Message Boards, also known as electronic signs, LED message boards and trailer mounted message boards are now being used for road traffic direction and other applications, such as advertising, event promotion etc.

VMSI was the first company in the world to provide a two colour outdoor message board, enabling one colour to be switched manually, alternatively by sending an SMS message.

The sign controller has many options built in which can be added at any time, such as, SMS message service, alarm system, GPS, compass showing direction, voice synthesiser module for operation with mobile/cell phones etc. A second set of messages can also be quickly changed from one to the other. Other benefits are real time traffic control, storage of up to 250 factory programmed messages and capability for a further 250 user programmed messages.

Our VMS boards also have radio controlled message change, example trucks entering a road can activate the message and the sign can change the wording "Merge left/right Truck Entering Highway".

VMSI is unique in its design of solar operation and can operate 365 days per year without the need to externally recharge batteries.


VMSI TechRoad was the first manufacturer to develop the solar powered Arrow Board and produced these units in Australia and New Zealand. The company has improved its visibility and capabilities since then, offering the brightest and clearest trailer mounted arrow board which was achieved by patented Fresnel lens.


VMSI was the first in the world to produce Solar powered Portable Traffic Lights and developed them commercially. To this day our PTL's are far superior compared to any newly developed lights, this is due to the fact from a distance that our PTL's are higher and can be seen over the top of 4WD's and vans. They also run 365 days per year non stop under all sorts of conditions and operate with either radio or cable connection. Two lights can be towed by one vehicle and can be configured for dual road or machinery crossing, T-Intersection or pedestrian lights.

Another feature of our PTL's is that an SMS can be sent to one or a number of mobile phones should a failure occur to the system, example: loss of connection. This is extremely important when the system is running 24/7. GPS and an alarm system are other features available.


Speed trailers as well as displaying the speed which a vehicle is travelling, it has the facility to log how many vehicles pass the speed sign, recording the speed and date/time enabling this information to be downloaded to a PC either directly or via a mobile telephone network.

VMSI manufactures TechRoad products in Diggers Rest, Victoria Australia


The optional radar speed detection feature installed on a trailer allows for the display of the speed of an approaching vehicle within a range of 100 to 200 meters, and traveling in excess of the trigger speed. The trigger speed is operator programmable from the control console in increments of one km/hr.

Aiming: The radar device is attached to the trailer mounting system at the top left hand side of the sign cabinet (when facing the front of the control cabinet). It will be aimed when you aim the sign at the oncoming traffic which is to be speed clocked as well as visually able to read the sign messages.

Operation: The radar activated message control is operator programmable through the sign keyboard controller. The radar messages to be displayed must be inserted in the 6 position "Radar Message Sequence". The operator may use either the factory preprogrammed messages, or those created by the operator. Any keyboard message(s) may also include the feature of displaying on the sign face the actual measured speed of the oncoming vehicle.

Our Variable Message Signs can be used for:
* Roadwork Advice
* Traffic Diversion
* Accident Management
* Directional Information
* Safety Messages
* Speeding Messages (with our radar detection option) &
* Advertising


OPTIONAL EXTENDED WARRANTY THREE OR FIVE YEARS: VMSI Manufacturing warrants all equipment to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for six months from the date of delivery under normal use and service, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

Variable Message Signs International (VMSI) Pty Ltd 142 Townsings Road, Diggers Rest, Victoria Australia